Aries Group

We are a company made up of hospitality professionals who are committed with passion and dedication to their work and to create unique experiences for guests. We are dedicated to the financial performance of properties and our hotels and resorts portfolio. We take care of our team members with a meritocratic and equal approach, sharing values and objectives.




Stefano de Santis

Lawyer with 20 years of experience as an Equity Partner in a prestigious Milanese legal firm, he began his entrepreneurial career in 2017 with the purchase, together with other partners, of Palazzina Grassi in Venice.
In partnership with Rosewood and a well-known investment fund, in 2023 he will open Rosewood Roma, embarking on an ambitious hotel project in the Top Luxury sector in the Italian capital.
Today he is CEO of Aries Group, a role into which he channels all of his energy and expertise every day in order to bring structure and innovation to the management of the company.
He is a passionate and determined believer in this project, he invests in resources and he listens to those around him, creating the ideal environment to nurture the Group’s potential and achieve its expansion goals.

General Manager

Aurelio Tontini

A graduate in Political Science with a Master’s in Management and Development of Tourist Services, he has 30 years of experience in the hospitality world, going back to the start of his professional career. Over the years he has held various roles, from operations positions initially to the management of complex assets and through to board committee roles in the strategic, operations and financial spheres.

General manager of the Group, he plays a key role in the growth of the company, leading the senior management of Aries and the support team in the development and promotion of the company’s goals. Aurelio always prioritises guests, considering the quality of services as key to leading the team to achieve its objectives. Innovator and experimenter, he is always looking for ways of improving the status and governance of the company.

Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Cigarini

As Chief Operating Officer, Andrea Cigarini is responsible for guiding and overseeing Aries’ hotels, playing a key role in generating profit for the Group.

He has worked in the industry for over twenty years and joined Aries after various business experiences in the hospitality sector. Still very young, he is general manager of prestigious Italian hotels, including the historic Grand Hotel of Rimini at the time of its repositioning and relaunch.
A passionate and untiring worker, he is known for his dynamism, intuition and analytical vision, qualities which enable him to manage extremely complex assets with great natural authority.

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Raniero Amati

Raniero is the strategy leader of the national and regional sales teams focused on activities for the Group portfolio. He oversees marketing strategy and development, guides and supports the marketing area and provides key tools to the in-house hotel teams for sales activities and productivity.

Boasting extensive experience in the hospitality sector, he has managed many challenging projects that have become genuine case histories in the Italian hotel industry.

He shares his innovative approach and expertise in an open and attentive way, embodying the values that inspire the Group.

Chief Technology & Organization Officer

Ascanio Baldeschi

A management engineer with over 20 years of processional experience behind him, he has held positions of increasing importance in leading consultancy firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, taking part in technological innovation projects in the most prominent businesses in the finance sector.

At Aries Group, he is responsible for guaranteeing that IT systems, processes, procedures and, more generally, all technologies used by the company, constitute a competitive advantage for the Group, facilitating the achievement of strategic business results.

Chief People Officer

Fabrizio Pontrelli



A graduate in psychological techniques for social, organisational and working contexts. With 20 years of business experience, his career path has seen him take on roles of increasing responsibility in the areas of Human Resources and Business Management. Today he is Chief People Officer of Aries Group and responsible for structuring a working environment in which people can achieve their goals and fulfil their potential, in this way contributing to the delivery of top quality services, maximum customer satisfaction and the success of the company.

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Claudio Oliva

A graduate in economic sciences specialising in management, over the course of 20 years in the hospitality sector he has filled roles of growing importance as an entrepreneur, consultant and manager, taking on increasing levels of responsibility.
At Aries Group he is focused on start-ups and the operations management of assets. He guarantees the application of standards and oversees the training of the work teams, focusing closely on performance. His goals include the generation of increasing and lasting value for the Group.

Financial Controller

Sonja Habek

A graduate in Business Economics, since 2003 she has held roles of responsibility in the financial sphere. She entered the hospitality industry in 2011 where she brings innovation to the Administration, Finance and Control department through her constant research into the simplification of procedures and the optimisation of data flows.

At Aries Group she is responsible for processing and monitoring financial data on the basis of the company’s procedures and policies, in accordance with international standards.

HR Manager

Chiara Pagano

After her graduation in Educational Sciences and a Master in Tourism Management & Human Resources, Chiara began her career in the Human Resources area in the hotel industry in 2004 and since then she has never abandoned it. Chiara increased her skills thanks to international and national professional experiences in 4 and 5 star hotels. 

In Aries Group, Chiara places her focus and attention on the person, on talents and their loyalty, on empowerment, on personal growth and the acquisition of new skills.

Her business goal is to support a work team that is an agent of change, where soft skills are the element that makes the difference.

Group Director of Sales

Group Director of Sales

Alessandro Potenza

Revenue & Distribution Manager

Elisa Magellano

Specialising in multimedia and digital techniques, she combines technical, IT and marketing expertise with creative skills to help the hotel teams define and achieve their economic objectives.

For 20 years she has worked in the hospitality sector for international brands, also as a consultant. Her career path has seen her take on roles of increasing responsibility in the areas of bookings, M.I.C.E., the definition of rate and distribution strategies, market analysis and budgeting and forecasting activities.
She has brought her expertise to the Aries Group, working in close contact with the General Managers of the structures, the sales team and the communication area.

Communications Manager

Martina Barberini

A qualified linguist, she developed a talent for storytelling and narration by images during her years of post-university training, working as a correspondent and photo editor for international news agencies.

For over a decade she has managed the communications of hotel groups with different types of assets, from boutique to luxury hotels, business hotels to leisure resorts. In 2008 she led the launch of Maison Moschino Milano, the brand’s first and only hotel, capturing the interest of the media and the international public.

Today she is in charge of overseeing Aries' internal and external communications with a multi channel approach ensuring its message is consistent and engaging.

Asset & Facility Manager

Valentina Giannotti

A graduate in engineering and architecture, after her first experiences in the planning area she entered the world of hospitality where she has acquired experience in the development and improvement of real estate, overseeing the various phases of renovation projects.

At Aries she works with passion and dedication, carrying out her work as part of complex management and operating processes with the aim of optimising assets at functional level and in terms of energy savings, in accordance with the Group’s environmental and sustainability policies.

IT Manager

Andrea Cracco

IT specialist and programmer, for over ten years he has acquired and refined his expertise in the hotel industry with roles of increasing responsibility.

Today he is IT Manager of Aries Group and responsible for the functioning of the company’s IT systems, continuously seeking out innovative new solutions on the market.

His aim is to guarantee the company the best possible technological development in this exponential era in which staying up to date with the evolution of information technology is crucial from a business perspective.

Maintenance Manager

Simone Peruzzo

Surveyor specialising in the technical-maintenance field, he has worked in the hospitality sector for over 20 years.
In his role as Aries Group Maintenance Manager he coordinates the various technical and maintenance activities of the assets, skilfully leading the in-house teams of the hotels.
He is in charge of regulatory compliance and has the important task of guaranteeing the optimisation of energy consumption, maximising the performances of the Group’s properties in terms of respect for the environment, standards and corporate sustainability.

Executive Chef Consultant

Andrea Ribaldone



Chef and successful businessman, over the years he has received numerous acknowledgments from food critics as well as various Michelin stars at La Fermata, I Due Buoi, Osteria Arborina and Due Camini in Borgo Egnazia as a consultant.
His innovative approach and spirit of leadership have enabled him to carry out successful projects in both Italy and abroad. Today, for the Aries Group, he puts together the restaurant menus and oversees the Group’s line of cuisine.

Executive Assistant

Sophia Bonafede

Numerous years of Management experience in the luxury retail sector and expert in humanities and philosophy, today she is Executive Assistant to the CEO of Aries Group.

She is strongly committed to supporting the organisation of the business, providing assistance and cooperation for the management of documents, data, calendars and agendas, with a meticulous approach designed to offer the company’s executive management the best possible support.

Sophia’s main goal is the simplification and speeding up of internal procedures, meeting the professional and interpersonal needs of the board and streamlining work flows.