Mission and Values


In order to generate value for all of our stakeholders, we have to share and internalize a set of common behaviors built on reliability, transparency and integrity. This is the basis for building the kind of strong stakeholder relationships that have allowed us to earn the respect of our partners.

The understanding that our values take priority over everything else empowers us to take a principled stance day after day, raising awareness inside and outside the Group for our values and encouraging others to follow suit. Aries: a passionate hotel group sympathetic to responsible tourism where everyone feels at home.


Terrazza Pamphili Rooftop

The Aries vision


We want to be a driving force on the Italian hospitality market by leveraging our industry expertise and our unique ability to combine comfort and innovation. We want to become a major player focused on generating profits in the form of sustainable and lasting value, while also capable of attracting and retaining talent with a passion for the day-to-day operations that set us apart. We want to be known for our passion and our professionalism, for the reliability, honesty, dialogue and respect we bring to the table as we build trusting stakeholder relationships.


New conference center of Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma

The Aries mission


Our shared goal is to become a leader in our market and to set the standard in Italy for the outstanding, professional management of major hotel properties. We aim to improve performance across the entire portfolio by forming strategic partnerships and to reposition our hotels for growth.



The Aries values


Our core values are our origin story. They are the culture that underpins the identity and the consistent operations of the Aries Group. We all believe deeply in these values, and they guide everything we do. Reliability, reputation, flexibility, caring and hospitality, innovation. With this in mind, we can say with confidence that we will always strive to deliver excellence, knowing that our values are the cornerstones for every relationship we have, every choice we make and every project we take on.