Mission and Values

Creating value for all stakeholders involves sharing and adopting common forms of conduct based on reliability, transparency and honesty in the pursuit of the trusting relationships that have enabled us to develop our reputation over time. Recognizing that ethics have priority over any other interest drives us to implement our principles on a daily basis, promoting their dissemination and understanding both within and outside our group.

Aries: a passionate group, sensitive to informed tourism, where you can feel at home.


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Our Values


The charter of Values outlines our roots. It is the culture on which the Aries Group bases its identity and activities, a culture in which we all deeply believe. Our guiding values are Reliability, Reputation, Flexibility, Care and Hospitality, Innovation. Knowing that these foundations form the solid basis of all of our relationships, choices and projects, our promise of business excellence is one we make with the utmost confidence.


Our Vision


We want to leverage on our experience and ability to combine simplicity and innovation to act the driving force of the Italian hospitality market.

We want to be a great team focused on generating profits in the form of sustainable and long-lasting value, capable of attracting talent whose passion for their everyday work helps set us apart.

We want to be recognized for our passion and our professionalism, evident in the reliability, honesty, dialogue and respect we demonstrate in developing trusting relationships with all our stakeholders.


Our Mission


We are driven by the common goal of becoming a market leader and playing a leading role at national level in the expert and high-quality management of large hotel properties. We want to achieve growth with all of our properties by creating strategic partnerships, acquiring existing properties in lucrative markets and working with under-performing hotels to put them back on the road to growth.