We manage hotels.
And we create Value.


We are an Italian hotel management group with a proven track record in the hospitality industry.

Our market positioning and our expansion plan are clearly defined, focusing on the third-party management of large midscale, upscale and upper-upscale hotels in Italy’s most sought-after cultural and business destinations.

We pride ourselves on a lean, decentralized hierarchy and operational structure, organized in geographical clusters and managed by a team of professionals with strategic expertise in their respective fields.

As we grow our made-in-Italy hospitality brand, everything we do is guided by our well-defined values and empowered by our knowledge-sharing and people-centric culture.

Who We Are - Aries Group

Expertise Dedication Seriousness


The defining feature of our operations is the sense of integrity, fairness, dialogue and respect that guides us as we build trusting stakeholder relationships. Our founders’ long-standing experience in the hospitality industry enables us to elevate our portfolio properties, safeguard asset value and drive profitability. It is the efficiency of our operations and the business acumen of our executive team that set us apart from the competition.  



Business Model

The Business Models


At the Aries Group, the business model is fundamental to delivering on the objectives of our investors. It can take one of two main forms as defined in the contractual agreement: a Lease Contract when the Group directly manages a property via a long-term lease or a Management Contract for shorter-term agreements. 

Made in Italy Hospitality

Made-in-Italy Hospitality


In line with our core values, the guest is at the heart of everything we do. We offer the warm welcome Italy is famous for, with hospitality and style in our DNA. And thanks to such a wide range of services on offer, we make sure every stay in our properties is memory-worthy.